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Hotel Benefits


With a variety of quality menu orders available, the MAISON FLORENSE HOTEL offers delicious dishes 24 hours a day. Every single one of those dishes are prepared at the moment they are ordered by their guests.


Specialized drinks prepared by our Bartenders, based on the latest trends and tastes.

Salads and Snacks

A vast selection of Salads and Snacks with impactful tastes..

Wine and Appetizers

A wide Wine chart followed by Appetizers, providing an exquisite experience.

Grilled Food

A delightful selection of Grilled Foods, marked by their taste and juiciness.

Ice Cream

A vast and creamy selection of Ice Cream flavors as dessert.

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General Ataliba Leonel Ave. - 1484 | Vila Guilherme | São Paulo, CEP 02033-000 Brazil



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(11) 9.8954-9318