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Maison Florense Hotel

Hotel in the Northern Zone

It has come to sprout as a hotel with the best cost-benefitial dwellings within São Paulo’s northern region, offering a tasteful breakfest served in the apartment, has its own parking garage included on their rates and one of the best 24/7 kitchens. Its premises possess double bedrooms as well as twin bedrooms for those who require residence near Expo Center Norte or Anhembi.

Suites AND Apartments


Has the ideal structure for whoever wishes to relax, enjoy life or for whoever is travelling
either for leisure or business. Their 51 apartments offer privacy and comfort.

São Paulo
General Ataliba Leonel Ave. - 1484
+55 11 2979-9362

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Specialized drinks prepared by our Bartenders, based on the latest trends and tastes.

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A vast selection of Salads and Snacks with impactful tastes.

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A delightful selection of Grilled Foods, marked by their taste and juiciness.

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General Ataliba Leonel Ave. - 1484 | Vila Guilherme | São Paulo, CEP 02033-000 Brazil



+55 11 2979-9362


(11) 9.8954-9318